Buddha Statue Consecration (Bonn Puttheaphisek)

Buddha Statue Consecration (Bonn Puttheaphisek) is Cambodian tradition ritual. After the Buddhist purchased or built a new Buddha Statue for any Buddhist temple, they always consecrate the Buddha Statue to be representative of the Living Buddha. It’s believed that the Thirty Perfections of the Buddha is existing in the Buddha Statue after the consecration.
The monks, Board of Directors of the Mondul Ottawa Khmer Buddhist Monastery and the Buddha Statue donors will be celebrating this Puttheaphisek at the date and location below:

Location : Bodhikaram Temple, 1197 Deer Park Rd, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Date : Friday Evening July 31, 2009.

Time :

7:00 pm : Arrival of guests, Paying respect to the Triple Gem and taking the Five Precepts and Chanting the Paritta.
7:30 pm : Invite the Buddhist Monks chant the Paritta and perform the ritual of Buddha consecration.

Location : Tom Brown Arena, 141 Bayview, Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Date : Saturday morning August 1, 2009.
Time :
9:30 am : Arrival of guests, Paying respects to the Triple-Gem and taking the Five Precepts.
10:00 am : Putting alms in to the alms-bowls of 6 Buddhist Monks (4 Buddhist Monks have been invited from Montreal in this Ceremony).
10:30 am : Food Offering to the Buddhist Monks.
11:00 am : Blessing given by the Monks, Lunch of Monks, Dhamma Lecture by a Monk.
11:30 am : Communal Lunch.

We would like to invite you and your family to join us in order to preserve traditional Khmer Buddhism, and to perform the merit for your present and future life. Your present in this Ceremony is our honor. May the four Buddha’s Blessing: Longevity, Beauty, happiness, Strength be upon you and your family! Thank you!

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