Visakha Puja Ceremony (បុណ្យវិសាខបូជា) May 5-6, 2012

We are honored to invite you, your family and friends to join with us on Visakha Puja Day that will be celebrated on the date and location as below:
Saturday Evening, May 05, 2012
Start from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM
-Pay Respect to the Triple Gem and Undertake the Five Precepts
-Invite the Monks chanting Paritta
-Perform the devotional acts and offerings to the Buddha

Sunday Morning, May 06, 2012
-9:00 am: Arrival of guests
-9:30 am: Paying respects to the Triple Gem and taking the Five Precepts.
-10:00 am: Putting alms into alms-bowl, Food offering to th Buddhist Monks.
-10:30 am: Dhamma Lecture given by the monk.
-11:30 am: Blessing given by the monks, Lunch of monks.
-12:00 am Communal Lunch.   Click Here to get Flyer

Visakhha Puja Day marks the Buddhism Trinity or three important incidents occurred in the life of Lord Buddha on the same day. They happened on the same day on full moon of the sixth lunar month. The three significant separate events are:
  • The Buddha was born  on this day. Buddha was born into a royal family in what is now Nepal.
  • The Buddha achieved "The Enlightenment(NIRVANA) on the same day
  • He passed away at age 80 in India.
In his early years he lived a life of luxury and was shielded from the life of misery that most of the kingdom’s people lived in. At the age of 29 he left this life of luxury and studied the practices of Brahmin ascetics who denied themselves all but the most vital essentials of life. Eventually he rejected this practice and practice the "middle way" – a simple rational life of moderation. At the age of 39 he attained enlightenment. His discovery is referred to as the four noble truths:
  • The Noble Truth of Suffering
  • The Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering
  • The Noble Truth of Extinction of Suffering
  • The Noble Truth of the Path leading to the Extinction of Suffering
He spent the remainder of his life wandering from place to place teaching his discoveries. Typical activities would include: Going to temple for special observances and listening to Dhamma teaching, giving food to the Monks, and Keeping the Five or Eight precepts.
The way of celebrating Visakha Puja is similar to the celebration of Magha Puja.
May peace and happiness be upon you and all beings in the universe!


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